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Celebrations: Hemp Week in Review

hemp seeds
Calendar icon 6th October 2017


In case you missed it – from the 12th of November this year it will become legal to buy and sell hemp as a food in Australia. And about time too! For far too long this wonderful gift of nature has been unfairly maligned – mostly due in part to lobbying from petrol-chemical industries who saw the unique versatility of the plant as a threat to projected profits.

Throughout #hempweek we have been sharing recipes and uses for hemp and the feedback that we have received has been overwhelming. Literally the inbox is overflowing with people sharing their stories and experiences.

We heard from Sean in Brisbane who shared with us his amazing breakfast recipe - Banana & Strawberry Natural Yoghurt w/Hemp Seeds – although we will wait until November 12th to try it out  and Sam shared with us her incredible story using hemp oil to treat her eczema.

What is it about hemp that makes it such a versatile and nutritious food?

To begin with, both the seeds and the oil of the hemp plant may be eaten raw or even added to almost any recipe you can dream up. They boast a nutty flavour reminiscent to that of flax seeds and the oil is nutritionally superior to olive and flaxseed oils.

A mere 100g serving will supply you with 64% of your daily protein needs (comparable in amino acid profile to sources of protein like soy, meat, eggs and milk), you will also benefit from the 362% RDI of Manganese, 236% RDI of phosphorous, 197% RDI of magnesium, as well as getting an incredibly rich source of B vitamins and dietary minerals, iron, fibre and zinc. Hemp is also jam packed full of Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s AND all eight essential amino acids!

In fact, the incredibly high protein content of Australian Grown Hemp Seed Powder (up to 52%) makes it so much more effective than other mass-produced protein powders on the market. This means that after your workout at the gym – you could do much, much worse than add hemp protein to your protein shake. You get all the goodness of the hemp seeds with none of the sugars and other bulk ingredients that go into your typical ‘off the shelf’ protein powder.

So, what about the eczema?

How did Sam see such an amazing transformation of a skin condition that has been plaguing her for years? How did the hemp oil work when numerous other medications and creams did not?

There have been countless studies – and personal testimonials – showing that hemp oil is highly effective in supporting healthy skin and nails –decreasing skin dryness to alleviate itching and irritation.

The benefits of hemp seed oil don’t stop there.

The oil of the hemp seed contains over 80% polyunsaturated Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) that provide an optimum ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. This is the balance shown to directly support heart health and promote proper, healthy cardiovascular function. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help protect against the aging process and the essential fatty acids, such as DHA, are known prerequisites for healthy brain development. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better - hemp oil also promotes the growth of healthy intestinal flora thereby supporting your immune system and response.

An explosion in the availability and variety of hemp foods worldwide - granola, milk, tofu and protein powders are some of the notable new entrants to the market – means more and more people are turning to this amazingly versatile, tasty and 100% Australian superfood.

As we mentioned earlier, by the 12/11/2017 it will finally be legal to sell and buy hemp as a food in Australia. We have been denied the benefits of undoubtedly one of nature’s finest gifts for far too long. So why not join the hemp revolution with us, support Aussie farmers and keep on sharing all the many wonderful uses that Australian Grown Natural hemp can be put to.

Try Australian Grown Naturals Hemp Seeds today

- Shaun Trevethan (Chief Editor - Imagine If Distribution)



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