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The Perfect Daily Grind That Makes Your Daily Grind Perfect

Calendar icon 13th October 2017

Forget about feel good quotes and ‘Happy Mondays’ – what we all need in the morning is a good cup of coffee. Agreed? The perfect grind to start the daily grind.

But what makes a good cup of coffee?

It turns out there a lot of factors involved in the process of making the perfect cup. To begin with, the region and altitude in which coffee beans are grown makes a huge difference – as does the variety of the bean.

The coffee that you buy at the supermarket is invariably a blend of inferior beans from different regions around the world. The most common bean used is the Robusta. The Robusta bean was bred specifically to be ‘robust’ and to be a cheap and heavy filler in coffee blends.

Apart from tasting terrible compared to single origin Arabica beans, these inferior blends have a much higher caffeine content in them. Although at first glance this might seem like an advantage, it is this higher caffeine content that leads to jittery nerves, high blood pressure, headaches and worse.

In fact – it is impossible for us to become immune to the effects of caffeine. This means that lower caffeine content beans have just the same stimulant capabilities as the inferior ones – without the associated health risks. You know what that means, don’t you? – Perfect for the late-night study cramming session.


Crema is another hugely important factor in producing the perfect brew. Using an espresso machine will ensure that the essential oils are fully extracted from the coffee – producing that beautiful layer of crema that you see on the top of a shot of espresso. Other methods of brewing coffee don’t produce the crema – although you can still get a nice cup using other methods such as plungers and stove top espresso makers. Make sure you check that you are using the appropriate grind for your preparation method.

So how do you know if the coffee you are drinking really is as good as the label says?

Well, every year there is an International Board of Judges that conduct a controlled, blind tasting of coffee’s from around the world. Ranking the coffees according to their flavour, body, aroma and many other factors, the judges score the coffees between 1-100. Coffee’s that score above 85 are considered specialty coffees – the best your money can buy.

The world’s highest scoring coffee is Mr Coffee’s 100% Organic, Single Origin Arabica Bean. Consistently scoring above 85 across the board, this exquisite coffee is grown in the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada. Altitudes ranging from 1200-1800 feet, and varying in incline between 50°- 80°, transform the already delicate Arabica bean into something magnificent.

The terrain precludes the use of any machinery, so the beans are hand farmed by locals and cleaned to prevent mucilage. Not only does this make for a better quality coffee, it also contributes towards keeping the locals employed and their kids in school.

It’s no wonder this is considered the world’s best coffee

Sustainable, organic, and with a taste to die for – this is hands down the perfect daily grind to make your daily grind perfect!

Get some here and experience coffee like you have never tasted before.

Shaun Trevethan

Chief Editor

Imagine If Distribution



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