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Royal Hemp Protein Powder Supplements

The next generation of protein supplements are here!

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Royal Hemp protein supplement

Are you a...

  • Fitness Enthusiast?
  • Gym Junkie?
  • Body Builder?
  • Professional Athlete?
  • Vegetarian/Vegan?

If you’re focused on keeping fit and working out, then you will know your increased needs for quality bio-available protein. As a fitness enthusiast, you’ll know that your body’s protein needs are higher than regular gym goers or athletes; strenuous exercise means the body needs much more protein to recuperate effectively and efficiently.

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High Quality Gains Need High Quality Protein

Introducing Royal Hemp Australia

Royal Hemp Australia have made it their mission to become the Industry Leaders in quality Hemp Seed Protein Powder as the leading sports protein supplement for muscle growth, recovery, health, and general well-being.

These products have been specially formulated to contain at least 94% Organic Hemp Protein Powder - sourced and manufactured right here in Australia. Blended with a range of 6 mouth-watering flavours, industry standard or all-natural sweeteners and producing a smooth taste packed full of nutritional goodness.

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How Will Hemp Protein Powder Power Up My Workout?

Royal Hemp Australia’s Hemp Protein Powders are a powerhouse of essential nutrients necessary for optimum health and muscle building and recovery.

With more than 20 amino acids (including 9 essential amino acids unable to be sufficiently produced by the body) - Hemp Protein Powder is naturally endowed with over 80% quality omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in their optimal ratios (3:1) for perfect health benefits.

Seriously – say goodbye to fish oils and multivitamins – the next generation in plant-based supplementation has arrived.

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And The Benefits Keep Coming

Royal Hemp’s Protein Powders all contain naturally high levels of Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, fibre and more! This makes Royal Hemp Protein Powders ideal for all aspects of sports nutrition and recovery – seriously how much better could this product be???

Of course, there are a variety of protein powders and supplements everywhere on the market today – yet none of them come close to hemp seed protein powder for all around nutritional goodness.

What others are saying...

Toby Yo - founder of Nuclear Juice

Natty Nige Powell

I can’t recommend this product enough. As a personal trainer, my clients love these products and I myself most definitely have never looked back since using them. Royal Hemp protein is the new favourite protein that I’ll keep recommending to anyone who’s looking for a great quality product with great quality ingredients.

- Natty Nige Powell (Royal Hemp Affiliate)

Dylan Ayoub

I've never really been a frequent user of protein powders in the past but when I was introduced to Hemp protein powder by a training partner after I found out all the extra benefits milk-based proteins can’t give. I was turned onto Royal Hemp and I found it didn't leave me bloated or cramped and my body recovered after heavy training quicker than ever.

- Dylan Ayoub

Phil Nicolaou (Royal Hemp sponsored athlete)

Having previously been a user of Whey proteins, it’s good to finally have a more potent, non-dairy alternative. I have been turned off whey protein for the past few years due to the negative effects I feel after I use it, bloated, full and tired! This truly is a revolutionary protein/health supplement and the packaging looks great!

- Phil Nicolaou (Royal Hemp sponsored athlete)

Michael Mikan (Royal Hemp Founder and BJJ athlete)

I Have been using Royal Hemps products for a few months now, and I have never felt better. My personal favourite Hemp protein powder is the Banana flavour! I love the taste, and I’ve noticed several results, which I did not notice using Whey protein powders.

- Michael Mikan (Royal Hemp Founder and BJJ athlete)

Nick Deluca

I’ve been using protein supplements most of my adult life with many either being heavy on the stomach or not so appealing to the taste buds. When I gave Royal Hemp Protein a try, I noticed straight away that it has fast digestive qualities, no bloating, minimal gas, and it tastes GREAT! I also found out that Hemp protein powder contains all the essential amino acids, which makes it perfect for my busy lifestyle when I don’t eat enough veggies. I have so much more energy and my wallet isn’t so sore either haha.

- Nick Deluca

Get yours in our online store today!

Choose from one of the awesome flavours below and start seeing real results in your training sessions today!

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Hemp Protein Unflavoured Organic (500g/1kg)

500g - $33.95 / 1kg - $55.20

This all-natural unflavoured hemp seed powder is manufactured in Australia. It contains no flavourings or additives - just pure hulled organic hemp seeds in powder format.

Hemp Protein Choc w/ Stevia (500g/1kg)

500g - $42.45 / 1kg - $63.70

This chocolate flavoured hemp protein powder is naturally sweetened with Stevia producing a more gentle, earthy taste. Chocolate lovers attack!

Hemp Protein Vanilla w/ Stevia (500g/1kg)

500g - $42.45 / 1kg - $67.20

This vanilla flavoured hemp protein powder is naturally sweetened with Stevia producing a more gentle, earthy taste. If Vanilla is your thing you will love this one!

Hemp Protein Choc Hazelnut (1kg)

This chocolate hazelnut flavoured hemp powder boasts a full, smooth flavour packed full of goodness. If you like Nutella, you will love this!

Hemp Protein Vanilla Cinnamon (1kg)

This vanilla cinnamon flavoured hemp protein powder range boasts a full, smooth flavour packed full of goodness. If you have a sweet tooth, this one is for you!

Hemp Protein Banana (1kg)

This banana flavoured hemp powder boasts a full, smooth flavour packed full of goodness. If you love bananas, you will love this!



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