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Coffee Roasting and Grind Levels

A simple ‘how-to’ guide for the perplexed

Many people are in the dark when it comes to understanding the differences between roasts and grind levels when it comes to choosing the perfect coffee. Here is a simple, infallible guide to getting the most flavour and enjoyment from your favourite style of coffee.

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The best level of roast for your coffee

Green coffee beans are put through a roasting process in order to produce the characteristic coffee flavour by transforming the chemical and physical properties of the bean.

Below you can see the ideal roast for the different sorts of coffee makers.

Light Roast
Perfect for filter coffee makers
Medium Roast
Ideal for plungers and percolators
Medium Dark Roast
For Turkish coffee & espresso machines
Dark Roast
Perfect for all espresso machines
Coffee beans being roasted

Finding the perfect grind size for your coffee

Every great barista knows that the backbone of a great coffee is in the grind.

The overarching goal when it comes to choosing a grind size is the extraction of the perfect amount of flavour from your coffee.

Too little flavour means that you have under extracted (grind too coarse) and too strong flavour means you have over extracted (grind too fine).

Fine Grind
For Turkish coffee & espresso machines
Medium Fine Grind
Ideal for filter coffee machines
Medium Grind
Use this grind for percolator machines
Med-Coarse Grind
For French press/plunger coffee makers
Coarse Grind
For Coffee boiling methods of preparation
Coffee beans being roasted

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Mr Coffee’s knows that a good Arabica coffee bean produces a coffee that has a good smell, a beautiful flavour and a middling body – not too heavy. With this in mind they have created the following three roasts for your enjoyment.

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All Mr Coffee's Organic Coffee Varieties

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Want to know the best ways to roast and grind your coffee?



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